Bead Crochet (Beadwork How-To) [Bethany Barry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Showcasing the latest innovative craft pairing, beads. Tapestry Bead Crochet: Projects & Techniques [Ann Benson] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Popular author Ann Benson brings a fresh. Patterns & Graphing for Bead Crochet Ropes: Republished Edition Paperback – November 1, This is a comprehensive work on how to create your own graphed patterns for slip-stitch bead-crochet ropes. Judith's first book, "Bead Crochet Ropes" explored many of the textural.

Bead Crochet Book

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18 around bead crochet rope pattern and photo of what the completed necklace looks like. The pattern is suitable for necklaces, bracelets, etc. I did not create. From Circus Bangle e-Book, a pattern set for bead crochet bracelets at Sova- Lots of Free Beading Patterns and Tutorials are available!. Save this list of the ultimate bead crochet patterns for later, because you'll come back to these again and again.

I got a copy of Bead Crochet Jewelry , and the jewelry looks amazing! Bead crochet is a little different than regular crochet, and gives you a piece with a totally unique look. My long-term goal is to make myself a few fabulous necklaces! So, my goal this week was to: select beads and thread appropriate for a starter project string beads you need to pre-string a LOT of beads!

The book is organized by difficulty level really helpful for us newbies! My Materials I checked out my local craft stores, and none of them carried the type beading thread that was recommended in the book.

So, I ordered my thread and some beads, while I was at it! But it will entice the crafter to do mathematics, and the mathematician to crochet tangible displays of her work. Mathematics at its essence is the study of patterns and bead crochet is a beautiful medium for making tangible objects to display patterns. Here we have an extensive study of the possibilities for bead crochet by two knowledgeable mathematicians.

Publisher Description

Starting with a simple hexagonal grid, a wealth of possibilities emerge. The surprising complexity of this medium is explored in depth.

Readers can choose from clearly illustrated patterns or design their own while learning about the underlying mathematics. With ideas from topology, tilings, graph theory, knot theory, and group theory, an entire liberal arts mathematics course can be designed around this text.

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Whether you are looking to introduce mathematics topics into your arts curriculum, generate enthusiasm in your mathematics courses, or simply create stunning bead crochet, you will find great ideas for exploration.

Crafters, puzzle lovers, and pattern designers will be delighted to find clear instructions on how to do the projects. I hope that non-crafting mathematicians will also peek in the book to see how mathematical concepts can be expressed in amazingly visual ways. It also breaks much more easitly than cotton thread.

This little book is just packed with patterns that are easy to follow, with great diagrams, and a page of large bead crochet graph paper to copy.

The color photos offer great suggestions for color combinations. I have started a project and found it very easy to map out my planned colors - it's coming out great. This is definitely not the place to start if you are new to bead crochet, but after a few introductory projects, this book would keep a devotee busy for a long time.

It's true that you can get patterns from the Internet, but not with this kind of versatility. These are patterns that lend themselves to endless variation and combination.

One person found this helpful. Jazzi Top Contributor: Beadweaving is my passion, but I can't not explore crocheting.

I haven't crocheted in years, but because of my love for beaded jewerly I have become obsess with wanting to try all kinds of beaded jewerly. This is a beautiful book.


Every thing is explained. What crocheting hooks to download, to what crocheting threads to download.

The book is full of beautiful colors and patterns. It actually looks so easy to do. It's easy to read. I can't wait to get started.

I actually downloadd her other book which consist of lariats. So, so beautiful are the patterns.

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I am absolutely delighted with this book. I have made crocheted items for 53 years and beads were included. It has been difficult to find new patterns for beaded ropes and even a rarer find to discover a tome which explained the principles involved in creating my own for this medium.

With this book, I now do and am grateful. It is written in a manner that most people will understand. My husband and I laughed when the large, standard-sized site box came and the only thing in it was this page booklet.

How to Crochet with Beads: Make a Motif Pin

I'm glad to have it, and even more glad that I was able to use a gft certificate for it. However, it's still a great second step beyond basic bead crochet. Do not start with this book if you are new to bead crochet! It's a 20 page booklet. The patterns aren't great.

A lot of flowers, which isn't my thing. Definitely NOT worth the price. Keep looking. See all 31 reviews.

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I got a copy of Bead Crochet Jewelry , and the jewelry looks amazing! See all 31 reviews.

This technique is resplendent on all kinds of homemade goods, from clothing to home decor to gift wrap.

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