2 | Brooke McKinley blood pool growing bigger by the drop. A few dark red chunks floated in the soup, the source of the mysterious splat. Time to get this show. Miller Sutton, a by-the-book FBI agent, is starting to see some troubling shades of gray in his black-and-white world. He comes face-to-face with his doubts in the. Shades of Gray Books by Brooke McKinley. Miller Sutton, a by-the-book FBI agent, is starting to see some troubling shades of gray in his black-and-white world.

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to see some troubling shades of gray in his black-and-white world. ; SKU ; File Formats epub, lit, mobi, pdf, zip. Read "Shades of Gray" by Brooke McKinley available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Miller Sutton, a. SHADES OF GRAY EBOOK BROOKE MCKINLEY - Shades Of Gray Ebook volume ii 2 networking technology all sap transaction codes pdf.

I think I will try it again and see if I just missed something. Go to. An enjoyable read. The only critique I have is that I wish more time would have been given to the development of the relationship between the two MCs.

It seemed a little rushed and glossed over almost giving it that insta-love kind of feel. It's not necessarily my favorite as far as enjoyability, but it was so well written, and so beautiful, it stayed with me for days. Yes, the whole scenario is absurd, but it's a popular one in this genre. As far as they go, this one is good. The characters are believable as are their motivations. Miller fits as a closeted cop.

Danny is also believable except that he doesn't use drugs. One thing I really liked was that these weren't perfect people. It wasn't good cop meets bad witness and reforms him. It wasn't bad cop meets witness who's never really don't anything wrong, just was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They both have their demons and their sins and that makes it more real for me.

What I really liked about this was how they dealt with the aftermath of the relationship, after the period of time in captivity is over. I like that it wasn't possible, nor even desired, for one to change the other. I liked the resolution and ending a lot. It was right. The only bad part was that the author hasn't written anything else! It's sort of a similar storyline. Where I think Zero was a bit more ambitious, in the end I thought it bit off more than it could chew.

Shades of Gray takes a smaller bite and is a bit more graceful about it as a result. The book opens with Danny Butler sweating, and bleeding, it out while waiting alone in a police interrogation room. A cop pulled him over for running a red light and bags him on a weapons charge, dragging him through a broken window in the process, leaving him bloodied and looking at a long stint in federal prison.

He's a career criminal. In the fourteen years since he joined Roberto Hinestroza's international drug smuggling enterprise at 18, he's risen up the ranks and is currently a mid-level drug runner. He's no stranger to the federal prison system, and he's not at all eager to head back, but he's even less eager to roll over on Mr.

Hinestroza and take a deal with the FBI. Not only is he afraid of getting killed, he has a sense of loyalty towards the drug lord that he's not ready to abandon.

He's been on Hinestroza's case for three years, following Danny for over half a year, so he pushes and pulls to get what he wants, implying that he'd let Hinestroza think Danny's working with the Feds even if Danny turned him down. He knows he's being a dick, that he's placing this guy in mortal danger, but that's just what he does. He's with the Good Guys. Sad for Miller that he's not sure he believes his own propaganda anymore. He wins a deal from Danny, so why doesn't he feel like a winner?

Though the plot is centered by Danny informing on his boss, outrunning a hitman and the like, it's not really a romantic suspense. It's more of a character study than anything else. As Miller babysits Danny in a secure apartment, they talk and form a friendship.

Closeted Miller, stressed out by living a carefully guarded lie, is mesmerized by the impulsive, comfortably gay Danny. They're clearly attracted to each other early on, but just how would a FBI agent and a drug runner hook up?


I found the romance gritty, but entirely realistic. Not in the way that this is how any of my friends have met their better half, but that if an FBI agent were to hook up with an ex-felon informant, this is a completely plausible how.

I mean, what they're doing breaks all their rules. So why? Why these two? Why now?

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McKinley's superior characterization answered those questions for me. Through dialog, POV prose and bits of deep POV flashback, we get the full picture of both lead characters and what made them who they are today. Both have a character arc that spans the length of the book. Both are sympathetic, but with flaws and bad decisions aplenty.

At the beginning, it seems a bit like Miller is the good guy and Danny the bad guy. But the more we find out about the both of them, the more decisions they make, the more those lines blur.

It's hard to offer examples of the characters without giving away crucial bits of plot. Both plot and character are closely intertwined and paced perfectly.

Shades of Gray

Suffice to say, I could see how Miller could feel so overwhelmed by his life perched upon one lie after another that Danny was the straw to break the camel's back and make him throw everything away and start over. I could also see how maybe Miller needed to do it this way, so that he'd have no way to go back to how he'd been living before even if he wanted to.

This book touched me in so many ways. The struggles the characters face are very emotional and it drew me right in there with them. The past hurts, but forgiveness brings hope.

Love it!

So that just means he loves you more than doing the right thing all the time. Both Danny and Miller are men who had a difficult youth: Danny wasn't loved by his family, but he knew what he was; Miller comes from a family who loved him, but there was something in him that he wasn't able to explain or he refused to see.

When they meet, Danny and Miller are on opposite sides of life, because Danny belongs to a criminal organization and he's good at his job, while Miller is an FBI agent who's trying to frame Danny's boss.

Their profession is not black and white and even if from the reader's point of view Danny is the one who represents black - he's a drug dealer with no apparent remorse - Miller's profession brings him to use people for his own goals, promising protection in exchange for information even when the outcome could be more difficult and tragic than what he lets people know.

Danny stirs in Miller thoughts and feelings he has suppressed for his whole life.

I don't think Danny seduces him: Miller lets Danny seduce him, he lets himself be freed by the other man. Their journey is full of angst and emotional and physical pain, but also of sweetness and warmth. There is a lot that they have to rid themselves of and they have to find the strength to go on, to embrace their destiny, in themselves. I really appreciated that the plot revolved more around the relationship between the main characters than on the criminal plot.

There is an element of suspense, but it's in the choices Danny and Miller have to make rather than in the story.

Good and evil, right and wrong, innocent and guilty. Stay in the right box and it would all work out in the end.

In this bubble, the two begin getting to know each other and Danny's easy way starts to get under Miller's skin. He finds himself opening up to Danny, something he's never done with anyone.

Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley

Even his fiance. Now, for those who have problems with cheating in books I'll put my thoughts under a spoiler and you can decide for yourself. Please note that I am one who does not read books with cheating, and frankly I didn't know there would be any in this book. Their relationship is I didn't have a problem with it mostly because it wasn't just a simple act of careless cheating, but rather a journey of self discovery and finally admitting a truth that has been long buried by fear.

But for some I can understand if there is no instance where cheating would be ok. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to reach out to me because I would honestly hate for this one factor to dissuade you from reading the book.

Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley

I promise to be honest and unbiased in answering any questions. But underneath all of that is an undercurrent of sexual tension and the knowledge that the two live their lives on different sides of the law. Miller the FBI agent getting his answers, and Danny the criminal with a lifetime of bad deeds behind him.It was a rule within the FBI, both spoken and unspoken, and he followed it as though to break it would constitute a personal failure.

You were not allowed to despise him. The one where he could keep a lid on the doubts and fears that had been trailing him around every corner of his life for as long as he could remember.

I promise to be honest and unbiased in answering any questions. Miller knew Colin was right: Miller rested his elbows on his knees and gave Danny a sideways glance.

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