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This article assesses gold production in different regions of New Granada in various epochs. Santa Fe, Legajos , — and Quito, Legajos , , and The casa de moneda in Lima had its origins in the seventeenth century.

It closed briefly for a few years toward the end of the seventeenth century but reopened a few years later. He is careful to make the distinction between major money or ingots moneda mayor and lesser money or coins moneda menor. The importance of this work should not be underestimated. In the end I have had to conduct new research in the mine records of the Archive of the Indies in Sevilla to determine the output of these casas de monedas.

For Guatemala the tables on mint production came from records in Becerra. I have supplemented his figures for coinage with new research in the Audiencia of Chile section of the Archive of the Indies, primarily the biennial reports of mintage sent to Spain.

At present Brazilianists consider output and mintage estimates to be tentative. Moreover Brazil was a more free-wheelng area of the Indies than Spanish America, with far less peninsular control exercised over Portuguese or creole subjects. Fraud was rampant.

A New Developmental Welfare State Model in the Making?

In fact, one knowledgeable expert on colonial Brazil estimated a fraud rate of 50 percent or more in the official reporting of mining and slave records, two keys to Brazilian output.

Still, most of those willing to estimate Brazilian gold output have concluded that it was close to 1,, kilograms. Not surprisingly, Alexander von Humboldt was one of the first to hazard an estimate for Brazilian gold.

He calculated that from to Brazil produced approximately 1,, kilograms of fine gold the equivalent of ,, in silver pesos.

As noted earlier, Humboldt held that 19 percent of this was illicit production, a fraud rate for Luso-America that is probably far too low.

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About the time Humboldt was putting forward his figures, the Portuguese monarchy appointed Wilhelm Ludwig von Eschwege — as intendant of the Minas Gerais mines. A colonel in the Portuguese royal corps of engineers at the end of the eighteenth 35 Toribio Medina, Monedas coloniales, Where data in the AGI were not extant, I used his figures for the years —, —, and — The result was a book published in Berlin in , Contributions to Brazilian Mining, subsequently translated into Portuguese as Pluto Brasiliensis.

Not included was the illegal gold confiscated in Brazil and later exported from to , 10, arrobas or , kilograms, creating a grand total for this epoch of , kilograms.

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The German edition was entitled Beitrage zungebirgskunde brasilien Berlin: How does the processing of a correlated subquery differ from a non correlated subquery? Send the link below via email or IM. Other important contributors to colonial mining history will emerge in chapters two through six, which follow.

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Once again it was Alexander von Humboldt who led the way in estimating mint output.

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