SALLY HOGSHEAD. 1. The Fascinate System for Brands . “Sally, this is Luke Sullivan. Come work at my agency.” Off I moved, eager to learn this. inside of Fascinate. INTRODUCTION Official Companion Workbook to the new and updated book Fascinate by Sally Hogshead. 2. Hall of Fame speaker and branding expert Sally Hogshead created The. Fascination Advantage, the world's first personality assessment that measures what.

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Fascinate Summary by Sally Hogshead is a comprehensive book that triggers persuasion and captivation to create urgency and influence the. Sally Hogshead. Creator of the Fascination Advantage®. CEO and Founder of How to Fascinate. [email protected] Twitter: @SallyHogshead. A newly revised and updated edition of the influential guide that explores one of the most powerful ways to attract attention and influence behavior—fascin.

Why is this important? Because knowing this can help you build the brand that will fascinate and hook people. The fascination-based one.

Fascinate, Revised and Updated

It is no longer critical, or even possible, to be different. It is no longer important to just offer products of high quality and value. More important than that is to add fascination to the equation. You have to find a way to make your ordinary products seem unique.

You have to captivate downloaders and stand out from the crowd. How do you do that?

By creating fascinating ads that provoke emotion and bond you with customers. Seven triggers can create fascination when customers are concerned. They are: Using these triggers can help companies influence the behaviors of customers and create the feeling of need and fascination.

Customers cannot control it, so it affects their decision making, and it limits their freedom of choice. Making your brand valuable and prestigious can push people to download.

On top of all of that, promising dependability and establishing trust with can also affect clients. To do that, you should be not only authentic but also predictable in what you communicate. You should promise stability.

All that, along with the fascination effect, can bring you more customers than you ever dreamed of. Develop new messages to attract consumers 3. Execute a marketing program to build fascination. Ask yourself: Do your ads provoke reactions? You should find the balance between being bold and being bland. Boldness can indeed offend some market segments, but dull ads never site any emotions.

And that is the worst thing that can happen: Think about the seven touchstones and evaluate them accordingly. Strengthen the ones that are weak and focus more on the criteria that work for you.

Try to differentiate. Try to pack what you offer in a way that no one has before. Once you evaluate where you stand on the fascination scale, reposition yourself higher.

Each company is in possession of seven fascination badges that you can work with to create more significant fascination and become more appealing. These badges include products, benefits, culture, heritage, core beliefs, purpose, and actions.

After assessing the current fascination status and the ways you can go about increasing it, it is time to create and implement your plan.

Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

It should thus not be surprising that companies are more than happy to use the power trigger to persuade you to download products. Companies can actually make themselves appear powerful to fascinate potential customers. While such an approach might seem strange, it actually works. There are other, more subtle ways to demonstrate power. For instance, you could control certain aspects of the environment, to ensure that the focus is solely on you. How could you employ the power trigger to change this?

Another is to eliminate any noise outside the meeting room, to prevent any distractions while the meeting is underway. Fascinate Key Idea 7: Vice is the trigger that makes us crave what is forbidden or frowned upon.

In the s, the United States government enacted Prohibition, making alcohol illegal to consume or sell. Certainly not! In fact, during Prohibition, the consumption of alcoholic beverages actually increased.

Prohibition is a great example of the vice trigger, which illustrates that forbidden things fascinate us the most — a fact that successful companies know all too well. Indeed, a great way to make people desire something is to forbid it, or add a forbidden aspect to it. The other person says that she has to leave the room for a while, and as she exits, she tells you not to open the box.

Companies can use our desire for breaking the rules to their advantage. Another way to employ the vice trigger is to behave contrary to expectations. In , a contest was held in Vietnam to find the best design idea for a war memorial. At that time, war memorials in Vietnam were always completely white. The young student who won the contest designed instead a huge black memorial.

Because her entry was unconventional, it fascinated the judges. Fascinate Key Idea 8: Trust makes us appreciate reliable and consistent options. Along with trust comes the comforting feeling of familiarity. They earn that trust and feeling of familiarity through repetition and consistency.

Imagine you find yourself in an unfamiliar town, at night, after a long, tiring drive. In a study, researchers observed children as they ate chicken nuggets.

The trick?


If this happens, whatever the cause, you must ensure that you quickly get that trust back. Establishing trust is something that takes time, but losing it can happen almost overnight.

If this happens, then it is important to immediately find a solution. Take the juice company Odwalla. However, the absence of pasteurization meant that the possibility of bacteria contaminating the juice was always there.

And so a batch of juice was eventually contaminated, and a young girl died. The company had a big problem. On the one hand, they had to ensure that such a tragedy would never happen again.

Who Should Read “Fascinate”? And Why?

Fascinate Key Idea 9: Evaluate yourself or your company to discover your fascination potential. There are three steps necessary in the process of making your company more fascinating: Evaluation, Development and Execution.

Evaluation involves considering whether and how your customers talk with others about your company. Think about what distinguishes your company from other, similar ones. Are your customers given the opportunity to participate and connect with your brand, for example? Take, for example, a whisky company, which gave its customers the possibility of having their own personal barrel.

They would then receive updates, photos and samples from the barrel, which fascinated the customers and gave them a sense of membership and belonging. By surveying the successful strategies of other companies, you might be able to come up with a strategy of your own.

Evaluation also involves identifying the fascination trigger that your company activates the most. But the key to success is using them in the right way. To ensure you achieve the results you want, you first have to find out which of the seven triggers is your primary trigger.

Entering Disney World gives people a familiar feeling; they know exactly what to expect from their upcoming experience. This suggests that the main trigger activated by Disney World is trust. Fascinate Key Idea Find the perfect way to fascinate by getting creative with triggers and developing ideas. This part of the process is a creative one, in that you are aiming to find the perfect combination of triggers to increase your fascination.

First, consider all seven triggers and brainstorm specific ideas on how to make them work for your company. Even though it may not seem that every trigger is appropriate for your company, you should evaluate them all to ensure that no opportunity is missed. Then, consider what makes your company interesting to people. Is it the history behind it? Or perhaps its core values are what draw people to it?

However, employing not just one but several triggers will further increase your potential for fascination. For instance, it can be a great idea to support your main fascination trigger with another trigger.

However, the allure of Disney World is also based on its mystique. There are so many stories associated with Disney that people will always use their imagination and be excited to explore new things when they visit Disney World.

Fascinate Key Idea To execute your ideas, you must convince others and establish specific goals. At this point, having discovered your most effective triggers and developed some great ideas for combining them, you now know exactly how to use your strengths to become as fascinating as possible.

First, convince others of their merit toward your common goal. To ensure that your team members will be convinced by your concept, you must be as concrete as possible in your presentation. A great way to eliminate any doubt within your team is to create a project timeline, or an estimation of costs. You could even present studies that prove your ideas are reasonable. But how will you know whether the idea is a success?

Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

Be sure to choose specific goals, as these enable you to measure your progress effectively. Establishing specific goals, instead of general ones, is the best way to check whether the fascination level of your company is increasing. For example, rather than looking for an increase in general awareness, try looking for more specific, detailed mentions of your company on Twitter. Setting yourself and your company smaller, more specific goals will enable you to adjust your concept whenever necessary.

By using the seven triggers of fascination, you or your company can fulfill your potential for fascination.And by activating the right triggers, you can make anything become fascinating.

They would then receive updates, photos and samples from the barrel, which fascinated the customers and gave them a sense of membership and belonging.

Try to differentiate. You have to captivate downloaders and stand out from the crowd. Lust is the anticipation of pleasure.

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