Here are the activities and audio resources to accompany the Student's Book. If you have any problems with these files, please contact us online. Download for free Top Notch students book workbook test audio cd teachers book Описание: Top Notch Third Edition - третье издание популярного курса . Description; Key Features; What's new in the 3rd edition; Resources; GSE Top Notch is unique in including a cultural fluency syllabus in which students learn.

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See the Glog! [Free Download] PDF Ebook Top Notch Fundamentals (3rd Edition ): text, images, music, video | Glogster EDU - Interactive multimedia posters. Top Notch 3rd Edition prepares adults and young adults to interact confidently in English. A communicative English course, it makes English unforgettable. The Top Notch course has two beginning levels-Top Notch Fundamentals NEW This third edition of Top Notch includes these new features: Extra. Grammar .

With a partner, find: Men Women Mr. Miss single Use titles with family names 3 three ways to tell others they can be informal. Grant NOT Ms. Marc I Mr. Anthony I Ms. Anthony Ms. Lawrence I Ms. Jennifer I Mr. Use formal titles.

Cooper is an actor. Who's that? Over there? I think she's new. Well, let's say hello. Good morning. I'm Alex, and this is Lauren. My name's Kathryn Gao. But everyone calls me Kate.

Great to meet you, Kate. Where are you from? New York. Then practice the Conversation Model with a partner. Review Contractions Who's Ms. She's my teacher. They're my classmates. She's from Seoul, Korea. We're from Los Angeles. I'm an engineer. What's his e-mail address? It's ted kr. What are their names? Andrea and Steven. He's twenty-six. She's twelve, and her little sister is eight. Use contractions of the verb be when possible.

Your new neighbor's good-looking! Oh, that's Hasna She looks very young. His name's Francisco. I think El Salvador. I' ll call you sometime. Evan and Kim. It was nice to meet your brothers. I' ll send you a note. Greg's only fourteen. But my older brother, B: David, is twenty-eight. That's interesting.

David's occupation? Busan, Korea. I'm here on business. Begin each question with a capital letter and end with a question mark. Ideas Who? How old? Imagine one of you is new to your school, office, or neighborhood. Meet that person. Then change roles. My name's Great to meet you. How nice to meet you!

Please call me It's a pleasure to meet you. Meet other people. They can go after the verb be or before a noun. He's a terrific athlete from Jamaica. They're famous actors from China.

They're great wonderful. Use an article before an adjective that modifies a singular noun. He's a great musician. He's handsome.

She's fantastic. They're terrific. He's great. She's famous. You don' t know? For real? Is she famous? She sure is. She's a great musician. Where's she from? The United States. Review Be careful! Are you our teacher? Yes, I am. No, I'm not. Yes, she is. No, she isn't. Yes, it is. No, it isn't. Yes, we are. No, we aren't. Yes, they are. No, they aren't.

Use contractions when possible. That's a nice hat! MORE B: Use falling intonation in information questions. Read and listen. Then listen again and repeat. Is she an architect? What's her occupation? Where are they from? Then take turns practicing question intonation. Identify and describe people www. Add information about a famous person you know.

Practice identifying and describing famous people. Use an adjective from the Grammar on page 6. Talk about last name.. Nationality Read and listen.

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I' m Japanese i Sh e. She' s Canad",an.

He has a Canadian passport. He's from the u': He s British Were , from Turkey. I was born in a beautiful small town called Patzcuaro. See page for a mo re complete list. J She grew up there.

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U What's your birthplace? Then check Yfil or no to indicate whether the person has a nickname. Nationality Occupation Nickname? Look at the top of the page.

Partner B: Ask information questions with be and wnte the missing personal information. If you don't understand, ask: Could you repeat that?

How do you spell that? Gordon Graham Nickname: Gordy Occupation: Australian Nationality: Canberra Age: Claire Beti Name: Japanese Hometown: Osaka Birthplace: Cameroon E-mail: N 4 Uc1J:: N l 0 Pcll!

N uos1! M OlJaq1v: Then answer this question: How does each person use English? He is originally from Sendai, but he works at his company's offices in Tokyo now, where he lives with his wife, Tomiko, and their young son, Hiro.

We use it to communicate with colleagues who speak many different languages at our offices all over the world," says Mr.

Tanaka gets new ideas about computing from websites in English on the Internet. He also uses his English in social media to keep in touch with friends all over the world.

She works as a financial manager for a Swedish automotive company in Curitiba, Brazil, where she was born and raised. She is single and lives with her parents. Marques says. Itani lives in Dubai now, but his hometown is the city of Beirut, in Lebanon.

At his job in Dubai, he uses English every day. Business travelers and tourists from many different countries stay at the hotel, and English is the most common language they communicate in. Itani enjoys watching English-language TV. Itani is married and has a one-year-old son. Tanaka uses English D to teach classes. D to watch TV. MIEl,Fib Ms. D to use the Internet.

Occupation 2 Ms. Marques uses English at work D in e-mails. D in international Lives in D in meetings. D in phone calls to other cities in Brazil. Hometown 3 Mr. Itani probably uses English with hotel guests from D Lebanon.

D China. JD www. Then complete the two introductions. Veracru2, Mexico Birthplace: Granatla, Spain Age: WilLSmith, Favorite actor: Matt Damon Favorite sport: He's a Everyone calls him she's a His hometown is His favorite city called Her favorite actor is actor is Cruz is Use the introductions in Exercise A for support. Nicknam e: Favorite actor: Text-mining optional I Find and underline three words or phrases in the Reading Favorite sp ort: Use them in your Group Work.

For example: Then listen again and write each Australian French person's occupation and nationality. Circle the correct word. C Complete each conversation in your own way. You don't need to give real information. Include the following information.

Create questions for another team about Will Smith, using the verb be. A team gets one point for each correct question and one wa. Willard Christopher Smith, Jr. September 25, Picture 1. Start like this: Philadelphia, U.

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WJ-,o'f Will 5mitJ-,? Other information favorite colors: Then create favorite actor: Harrison Ford a conversation. UNIT 3 Make plans to see an event. Going Out 4 Talk about musical tastes. Why or why not? Are there genres that you hate? Tell your partner. C RDS B. Internet, do you download single songs or whole albums? Explain your answer. Klepto's playing at midnight Meg: Not much. Just downloading at the Spot. Would you like to go? At midnight? See you there!

That's not. Too much troubie! Howabout Meg: Well, RiverT's there, too. Sounds good. Use a quotation to explain your answer. Number the genres in order, making number 1 your favorite. Then survey the class. Which are the most popular genres in your class? Are you free on Saturday? The Pilots is at the Movie Center. The Pilots? I'd love to go. What time?

At noon. See you there. To declin e I'd love to go, but I'm busy on Saturday. Too bad. Maybe some other time. What time. What time's the game? NOT Wt: Leslie Carter ,I. Are you busy Tuesday evening?

There's a salsa concert I Sounds like something really special with dancers from all over the world. It starts I'll be We could have something to eat before the concert. What do you think? Use When. Where, and What time. Match the event and the place. Complete the chart. Use these events or other events. Decide to accept or decline.

Are you free Midnight Sounds good. John Grisham, Great! That's past my bedtime. That's not for me. Romeo andJuliet That's more my style. Use different events. Excuse me. I'm looking for the National Bank. The National Bank?

Do you know the address? It's Holly Avenue.

Top Notch 3rd Edition

Walk to the corner of First and Holly. It's right around the corner, across from the museum. Thank you! Or if you don't know I'm not from around here. Thanks, anyway. Smith Street and Bond Avenue.

Write the number of each place in a box on the map.

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Be careful: There are three places but seven boxes. Where's the library?

Let's meet at the mall. The rlibrary? The mal? Practice confirming information with rising intonation. I'm looking for.. Ask about other locations.

Name two kinds of events you can go to at the Kingston Culturefest. Look at the tickets. Then listen again and complete the information in the boxes. Mayr Time: Natural History Museum at Greenway Date: Mayr-- Time: Oat, Price: Lamont Theater r-- 66th Street Loe Event: Mayr- Time: Kingston Concert Hall Location: The Lion King Seat: The lion King Seat: May 9 Time: Kingston Gallery I at Greenway Price: Listen again and write the number of each place in its location on the Lamont map. There are five places but ten boxes.

Choose events you want to see. Write those events, times, and places on the notepad. Better World 8: Tuesday to Friday 8: Melinda Gates of the Sunday: For Serious from his favorite album Earth to Mars, Free!

Monday and Thursday Theatergoers" featuring "Just the 7: Way You Are. I late show: Special teen price: Make plans to see one or more of the events together. Use the map on page It's around the corner Would you like to go? It's on the side of the street. Ask for information Maybe some other time. That's more my style. My favorite genres are rock, electronic, and hip-hop. I listen when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm bored, when I'm relaxing I actually don't download music because there are lots of good streaming services.

It's so easy, and it doesn't cost much. I just click on an app on my smart phone and listen. I also love live music at big concerts because you can meet lots of other music lovers. It lasts 3 days, so we camp out there and have a lot of fun. Unlike most of my friends, I enjoy older Brazilian music-samba and bossa nova, especially from artists like Tom Jobim. I can't imagine my life without music. I listen to music every day on my phone or on my computer. I'm very busy at school, so I listen mostly at home.

I even listen to music when I'm doing other things. I listen to quiet music while I prepare my classes, and I listen to exciting music when I exercise. If I don't, I get bored. At home, I listen on my computer: MP3s from my library or to online radio. Online radio is much better than regular radio because you can skip songs you don't like!

I download music online, too--singles, because I don't want to listen to 12 songs in a row by the same musician. You know what I hate? Language production and goal-focused lessons. Experienced and less experienced teachers, as a range of support and extension materials are provided for both. For young adults and adults who want to improve their communication skills, for work, travel and socializing.

A communication goal for each class session.

Integration of skills and content make it easier to remember. All new language embedded in exercises, conversation models, pair work activities, listening comprehension activities and reading. At the end of each class session, a guided communication activity enables students to clearly see their achievement to motivate them. Explicit presentations of vocabulary, grammar and social language; new vocabulary captioned as in a picture dictionary.

Top Notch is the best choice for a fun and engaging course with the widest range of student and teacher support materials. Teacher Resources. Extra, Interactive Practice Activities includes listening, reading, vocabulary, and grammar activities available online extend practice outside of the classroom. Extra Grammar Exercises in every grammar section for interactive practice in class and handouts for homework.

Digital full-color Vocabulary Flash Cards assist vocabulary presentation, practice, and review to improve retention of new vocabulary. New MyEnglishLab content which includes immediate and meaningful feedback on wrong answers and remedial exercises for students who fall below a certain threshold repeatedly.

Classroom Audio Program Online: Top Notch Go App: Android iOS.My wife. Circle at home or in a restaurant. Your new neighbor's good-looking! Use an adjective from the Grammar on page 6. The pictures for our presentation.

It's on the side of the street.

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