K to 12 Learner's Materials for Grade 10 English English G10 LM - Q2 . The links for G10 English Module Q don't work for me as well. ENGLISH 10 LM UNIT 4 Module 4: Rebuilding Our Societies; 2. .. actions Adapted from: Task 2 WORDLE IT! a .. GRADE 10 ENGLISH LEARNER'S MODULE. GRADE 10 ENGLISH LEARNER'S MODULE. 1. i 10 English Learner's Material Department of Education Republic of the Philippines.

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ENGLISH GRADE 10 LM - Unit - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Module 1 Overcoming Challenges Module 2 Establishing Solidarity Module 3. K to 12 Learner's Materials for Grade 10 English . possibility na hindi pa naire- release/post yung module ng grade 10 na galing sa DepEd. Music Learning Module – Download; Arts Learning Module – -AP grade 10 ( kontemporaryong isyu Added.

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Establishing Solidarity Lesson 1: Predict and Expect Task 3: Read Me Task 4: Think Through Task 6: Read and Imagine Task 7: Sense Chart Task 8: Applying What You Read Task 9: Read to Write Task Identify and Classify Task Express Yourself Task What Do You Perceive Task 2: Listen and Imagine Task 3: Read to Lead Task 4: Read Roland Task 6: Understanding the Song of Roland Task 7: Pictures Talk Task 2: Mind Your World Task 3: Watch That Label Task 4: Love Is Everywhere Task 6: Think about the Poems Task 7: Figure the Meaning Task 8: Sound the Sonnet Task 9: Distinct Sonnets Task Listen to a Point Task Agree or Disagree Task Read for Info Task Define Those Words Task Bring in the Source Task Try Your Passion Task Great Names to Name Task 2: Bias Detectives 2 Task 3: Read for Bias Task 4: Background Check Task 6: Think Tank Task 7: Know Your Heart Task Purpose Galore Task To Affirm or to Negate Task Affirm or Negate for the Country Task Exaggerating the Generals!

People Are People Task 3: The Oper-Tech System Task 6: Dare to Answer! From the Story, We Differ Task 8: Lookout for the Outlook! My Motion 6. The Explicits and Otherwise Task Overdoing the Generals! Solid during the Odds Task 3: I Mean Task 5: From Cover to Cover Task 6: Time for a Check-up!

Literary Value Task 8: Whip It! Weigh In! Read carefully each item and follow directions as indicated. Write the letter of the most appropriate answer on your answer sheet. Differences in principles foretell chaotic relationship. She cried a bucketful of tears when her pet dog passed away. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. A family is an entity where no one should be left behind. What are the two sides in the Oxford-Oregon debate? Rebuttal B.

Affirmative C. Proposition D. Negative Identify the two aims of a debate program. Identify five affirmative expressions from the statements below. No doubt about B. Pardon me, but… C. You have a good point, however… D. I have nothing against it E. Definitely F. That is indeed great G. Certainly From the choices given above, identify two special expressions in negation.

LMA citation C. This type of speech persuades others through logical reasoning and analysis. He ordered the area commander to get pipes and pumps from the armed forces supply depot, and demanded they should be brought to the spot immediately. He asked the army to bring in bulldozer, troops, and trainees for labor and also organize the civilians.

With a deep sigh, Dulce drifted towards the window. In the fading light she could barely see the figure riding up the path. As soon as he sprang from his horse and strode to the front door, Dulce knew it was Lance. Quickly she thrust the letter she had been reading into her dress pocket. The door to the drawing room swung open. From the passage, it could be implied that A.

Dulce and Lance are having disagreement over their son. All of the above Lance is very protective of his son Choose the graphical representation that best explains the text.

And groups of islands grew newly, and there remained Here is a comic strip. Be able to determine the bias reflected in it. Then, answer the questions that follow. To whom is the bias directed in this comic strip?

What is the meaning reflected in this comic strip? It assumes that all the girls have difficulty with Math B. It assumes that some girls have difficulty with Math C.

It assumes that only girls who are studying have difficulty with Math D. It assumes that boys and girls have difficulty with Math Operationally B. Technically C. Lexically D. At first, forever, lost in space, everywhere, the great Manito was. He made the extended land and the sky. He made the sun, the moon, and the stars. Put thou the shadow from thy brow, No night but hath its morn. Know this: God rules the host of heaven, The inhabitants of earth. Not love alone for one. But man, as man thy brothers call, And scatter like a circling sun, Thy charities on all.

What is the underlying theme of the poem? God loves everyone. God loves those who are suffering. God loves those who help themselves. God loves those who know how to love in return. What elements in the poem helped you in determining its theme? Each stanza has a meaning that relates to each other. Persona in the poem speaks about the message.

Rhyme and rhythm add to the culmination of the theme. Symbolism in the poem relates with each other to create a unified theme.

This is one of the things that Mummy and I are so entirely different about. Her counsel when one feels melancholy is: Then you are lost. Look at these things, then you find yourself again, and God, and then you regain your balance. And whoever is happy will make others happy, too. He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery! Yours, Anne After reading the diary entry, what feeling or mood is conveyed by the author?

Optimism B. Bitterness C. Pessimism D. Determination How does the author send the message to her readers? By citing philosophical context in presenting her ideas B. By sharing her personal belief and comparing it with another C. By opposing the views of other people To strengthen her faith in God and to unify her family B. To communicate her thoughts with friends, family, and the government C.

To keep her occupied during the times that she and her family were hiding D. Do not compare yourself to others for there will always be lesser and greater persons than you are - Desiderata. Take your stand and affirm with the statement. Both A and C Arrange the steps on how we plan and draft a speech.

Identify your audience. Find support for your position. Clarify your position. Decide how to present your arguments. The diary was found by friends and given to her father after her death in a concentration camp. How did you feel about it? What did you do? There must have been times when you jump into a solution without knowing and analyzing the cause of misunderstanding we have with others. Searching for signals which may be subtle is a way of recognizing the root of the conflicts and disagreements.

Your final output in this lesson is to present a news report. Observe the picture below and identify details that symbolize the things to consider in resolving conflicts. Do you think the persons in the picture are trying to make amends to resolve a conflict? Discuss with a partner. Predict words or phrases that you expect to hear from the song through its title.

Write your answer in the box. Do this in your notebook. Listen to the song, then check the words or phrases you listed. It's easy to win, It's harder to lose To admit that you're wrong When you've got something to prove. You said it was easy I tell you they are wrong.

So get busy learning, are you already gone? People will tell you What you want to hear But the people who know you well Can make it all clear. So get busy learning, Are you already gone? Sure all will be forgotten, Yeah we will all be forgotten, fall apart. We will all be forgotten, But common ground, Is a good place to start. Common ground is a good place to start.

Pencil In While listening to the song for the second time, sketch in the box an object you visualize in the song. Explain and discuss with a partner afterwards. Analyze and answer. What is the song all about? How did you feel while listening to the song? What advice is given in the song? Do you agree with it? Would you follow the advice given? Why or why not?

Explain what is emphasized in the song. How did your family cope with the tension it caused? Read the text about the causes of conflicts in a family. Lee Banks Family harmony provides a sense of belonging and a feeling of security unlike many other types of relationships. When conflict arises, it threatens that security. Whether the disharmony initiates from within the family unit or from external sources, individual family members and the family as a whole can experience a range of negative emotions and consequences.

Unresolved conflict may irreparably damage a marriage and the entire family, if family members do not seek help. One major source of family conflict is within the area of finances-specifically, the lack of enough money to pay bills, maintain the mortgage or rent, download sufficient food and other necessities and have any remaining money for recreation, job or career may contribute to conflict within a family. Conversely, if the parent becomes unemployed, this causes its own form of stress and conflict, as finances dwindle and uncertainty sets in about the future.

Another cause of family conflict is the inevitable rivalry that occurs between siblings. Each child deserves an equal amount of parental love and acceptance, yet sometimes a parent may favor one child over another. This merely intensifies the conflict. While mutual agreement on the subject of child discipline is crucial, the lack of consensus opens up another potential area for family conflict.

Jokes and movies abound regarding conflict with in-laws especially mothers-in-law ; however, when you actually become involved in disagreements with your in-laws or extended family, it is no laughing matter. While it is preferable to respect your elders-parents and grandparents on both sides equally-this can prove to be challenging.

Write a short description of each conflict. Answer the questions below. From the given conflicts, which of these have you experienced with your family? What did you do to resolve the said conflict in your family? Survey to Convey Conflict situations arise among teenagers on a daily basis.

Curriculum Map

Many times, minor conflict and disagreements can result in violence. Below are common conflict situations among teenagers: There are so many of them that neither bark nor leaf can be seen. Many of them are settled on one another. If a swarm is flying, you need only sprinkle water on them to make them settle. Now if, say, you wanted to take the swarm, you would bend the branch with them into a sack and shake it, and they all fall in. Her brother looks at her neck, and sees a big swelling on it.

There are Spanish flies on some tree in the wood. The dark menacing cloud has gone far away and taken the storm with it. The air is warm and fragrant. There is a scent of bird-cherry, meadowsweet, and lilies-of-the-valley. A goods train races by before the eyes of Terenty, Danilka, and Fyokla.

The engine, panting and puffing out black smoke, drags more than twenty vans after it. Its power is tremendous. The children are interested to know how an engine, not alive and without the help of horses, can move and drag such weights, and Terenty undertakes to explain it to them: The steam does the work. You see, it shoves under that thing near the wheels, and it.

They walk not with any object, but just at random, and talk all the way. Danilka asks questions, Terenty answers them. Terenty answers all his questions, and there is no secret in nature which baffles him. He knows everything. Thus, for example, he knows the names of all the wild flowers, animals, and stones.

He knows what herbs cure diseases, he has no difficulty in telling the age of a horse or a cow. Looking at the sunset, at the moon, or the birds, he can tell what sort of weather it will be next day. And indeed, it is not only Terenty who is so wise.

Silanty Silitch, the innkeeper, the market-gardener, the shepherd, and all the villagers, generally speaking, know as much as he does. These people have learned not from books, but in the fields, in the wood, on the river bank. Their teachers have been the birds themselves, when they sang to them, the sun when it left a glow of crimson behind it at setting, the very trees, and wild herbs.

In spring, before one is weary of the warmth and the monotonous green of the fields, when everything is fresh and full of fragrance, who would not want to hear about the golden may-beetles, about the cranes, about the gurgling streams, and the corn mounting into ear? The two of them, the cobbler and the orphan, walk about the fields, talk unceasingly, and are not weary.

They could wander about the world endlessly. They walk, and in their talk of the beauty of the earth do not notice the frail little beggar-girl tripping after them. She is breathless and moves with a lagging step.

There are tears in her eyes; she would be glad to stop these inexhaustible wanderers, but to whom and where can she go? She has no home or people of her own; whether she likes it or not, she must walk and listen to their talk.

Towards midday, all three sit down on the river bank. Danilka takes out of his bag a piece of bread, soaked and reduced to a mash, and they begin to eat. Terenty says a prayer when he has eaten the bread, then stretches himself on the sandy bank and falls asleep. While he is asleep, the boy gazes at the water, pondering. He has many different things to think of. He has just seen the storm, the bees, the ants, the train. Now, before his eyes, fishes are whisking about.

A viper, with its head held high, is swimming from one bank to the other. Only towards the evening our wanderers return to the village.

The children go for the night to a deserted barn, where the corn of the commune used to be kept, while Terenty, leaving them, goes to the tavern.

The children lie huddled together on the straw, dozing. The boy does not sleep. He gazes into the darkness, and it seems to him that he is seeing all that he has seen in the day: The number of his impressions, together with exhaustion and hunger, are too much for him; he is as hot as though he were on fire, and tosses from, side to side.

He longs to tell someone all that is haunting him now in the darkness and agitating his soul, but there is no one to tell. Fyokla is too little and could not understand. The children fall asleep thinking of the homeless cobbler, and, in the night, Terenty comes to them, makes the sign of the cross over them, and puts bread under their heads.

And no one sees his love. It is seen only by the moon which floats in the sky and peeps caressingly through the holes in the wall of the deserted barn. Respond to Reading Using the same groupings, discuss each question through the given instructions. Why do you think Terenty helped the orphans? What does he play in the life of the children?

Explain your answer through a short talk show. Explain the relevance of the following lines to your life. Why does Danilka say that there is no secret in nature that baffles Terenty? Through a storyboard, cite some situations in the story that prove your answer. The author compares a nightingale to a sparrow. To whom can you compare these two birds? Show your answer using comparison and contrast diagram.

How does Terenty recognize the gift of nature? Give some details from the text that will support your answer through sketching. Present your response by sketching them. Fellow Feeling When you read a selection, it is very important to understand how your senses work.

Your understanding of images will play a key role in your appreciation of the text. Sensory images make reading active. Images create a clear picture that aids your imagination. Most importantly, sensory images help make your reading three dimensional-you can see, hear, feel, smell, and even touch what the text describes.

Think of the text you have read. Write five words that appeal to your senses as indicated in each drawing. Now that you already identified the different sensory images found in the text, draw, act, or produce a sound to emphasize the imagery of the text.

You are given 10 minutes to do this activity. Take note of the following group names and your tasks. Character s: Who are the characters in the in the story 2. Where and when does the story take place? What is the main problem in the story?

What is happening in the story? What is the story about? What kind of emotion or feeling do you get after reading the story? Point of View: Who is telling or narrating the story? Is one character acting as a narrator first person , or someone telling what is going on third person? Task 7 Language in Use Nouns and pronouns in English are said to display case according to their function in the sentence.

They can be subjective or nominative which means they act as the subject of independent or dependent clauses , possessive which means they show possession of something else , or objective which means they function as the recipient of action or are the object of a preposition. Except for the possessive forms usually formed by the addition of an apostrophe and the letter s , nouns do not change form in English.

This is one of the few ways in which English is easier than other languages. Pronouns, however, do change form when they change case; these changes are most clearly illustrated among the personal pronouns.

Test Yourself! Circle the correct case of the pronoun in each sentence below. Maria and her, she laughed and talked well into the night. It was her, she who used the computer for three hours. Cora handed Tom and I, me the employment applications.

Between you and I, me , cases of pronouns can be very confusing. Identify the case of each underlined pronoun. Write O if the case is objective, S if subjective, and P if possessive. They cross the railway line. There is no secret in Nature which baffles him. Fyokla leads him into a thick. No matter how old, such memories still leave a spot in our hearts.

Think of a beautiful story told by your grandparents about the place you grew up in. That is what we are supposed to feel for the bountiful blessings nature has offered to humanity.

English Grade 10 Celebrating Diversity Through World Literature. Learners Material

How do we show that we care for nature? Indeed, it is a challenge to all of us how we treasure what we have. The following activities will help us preserve, promote love for, and respect nature. Each group will pick one task from a fish bowl. This will ensure fairness and avoid duplication of choices. Activity 1. Design the front page of a newspaper. Write a short news story describing the major events in the story.

Include an attention-grabbing headline and teasers for the rest of the news articles. Activity 2. Write a bio-poem about nature. Activity 3. Design a travel brochure illustrating and advertising the gift of nature in your locality.

Write short, concise sentences. Ensure that your brochure has correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

English Grade 10 Learning Module unit 2

Tape a dialogue or description about the scenes while the characters are traveling in the forest going back to the village. Activity 5. To be able to write effective speeches, the logical links between various ideas and points made must be clear to the audience.

Do the following activity. Cohesion is a very important aspect of academic writing because it immediately affects the tone of your writing. Although some instructions may say that you will lose points because of grammatical errors in your paper, or you may lose points if the tone of your writing is too casual or sloppy a diary-type of writing of choppy sentences will make the tone of your writing too casual for academic writing.

Cohesive writing refers to the connection of your ideas both at the sentence level and the paragraph level. Coherence is another important aspect of academic writing. With coherence, the reader has an easy time understanding the ideas that you wish to express. If you are given the task to deliver a speech, what are you going to do? There are occasions where you may find you are expected to speak at a public gathering or social event, and being prepared will require you to plan and prepare the text for your speech.

Here are some steps and tips to help you plan and write a great speech: Organize Your Speech Good speech organization is essential if your audience is to understand your presentation. You must take the time to put your ideas together in an orderly manner. You can organize your speech in several different ways; choose the outline that best suits your topic.

Transitions between thoughts should be smooth. Get to the Point Every speech must have a general and a specific purpose.

A general purpose is to inform, to persuade, to entertain, or to inspire. A specific purpose is what you want the audience to do after listening to your speech. Of course, the better organized the speech is, the more likely it is to achieve your purpose. Persuade with Power The ability to persuade — to get other people to understand, accept, and act upon your ideas — is a valuable skill.

Your listeners will be more likely to be persuaded if they perceive you as credible, if you use logic and emotion in your appeal, if you carefully structure your speech and if you appeal to their interests.

Avoid using notes because they may cause listeners to doubt your sincerity, knowledge, and conviction. There are occasions when you may find you are expected to speak at a public gathering or social event, and being prepared will require you to plan and organize the text for your speech. Here are some tips to help you plan and write a great speech.

The goal of this speech is to give the audience a new understanding or new appreciation of some topic with which you might be familiar. It usually assumes that the reader disagrees with the writer, but it should be noted that the reader is no less intelligent than the writer. Hence, this speech should be written objectively, logically, and respectfully. Despite the challenges in delivering a eulogy, it can be a very positive experience if you choose to deliver one.

Share only the part that you think is most memorable. A eulogy should include: They convey your message. Word choice needs just as much attention as speech organization and purpose. Select clear, appropriate, and descriptive words that best communicate your ideas. Every word should add value and meaning to the speech. It also helps release any nervousness you may feel. Body language should be smooth, natural, and convey the same message that your listeners hear.

Your speaking voice should be pleasant, natural, powerful, expressive, and audible. Use volume, pitch, rate, and quality as well as appropriate pauses to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message. Your voice should reflect the thoughts you are presenting. Read the following example of eulogy for a pet written by Delma B.

Diquino Run Papoy, run… to your freedom, to your happiness, to the clouds August 5, at Many of us give importance to valuable things that we acquired, either by working for them things bought, earned, awarded, etc.

I was like that most of my life… always I thought having most of them would be enough to fill my day-to-day goings-on. All of that changed when a cute husky pup, barely a month old was given to Mommy as a valentine present. Every day was a happy day with Papoy around. I myself could just watch her for hours wag her tail, bark at strangers, or change positions as she slumbered. Doing the most mundane stuff around her made me content.

I pretended that she understood me when I said things to her, maybe she did sometimes. She was a very good listener and an effective stress reliever. She kept me company a lot of times when people had to leave to attend to something important. She was the go-between when we all needed to bond with each other. She was the family mascot. By now I know you realize that this has a sad ending.

Papoy passed away at 9: We only wanted her to be happy because she made us happy. How I wish we could have done more. I never thought I would feel like this for a pet that I cannot even consider all mine but Papoy filled a void inside me that I cannot explain. She gave so much without her realizing it. I am so lost and confused. I miss her so much. Now, to me it seems that a lot of things I used to consider valuable is not so important anymore.

Knowing Papoy and the gift that she has given to me and to my family made me aware of life, relationships, and contentment. I appreciate all the more that only the love you give and the love you receive will matter in the end.

Keep life simple and childlike. I know I did, for a time — with Papoy. Ask a representative from each group to pick a number on a lottery. Each number has its corresponding topic. Then, prepare to deliver a chosen topic that your teacher will tell you for Mother Nature. Just imagine a single day without seeing the daylight. Would life be worth living? However, since many of us have abused nature, its bounty might soon run out. This lesson will provide you with the opportunity to know nature; to cherish it and feel grateful for it.

It will also offer you a window to look at impending threats and consequently build in us a conscience to solve them. You will work towards environmentally sensitizing people rather than forcing them by law.

The fascination with and fear of the wilderness is the alluring quality - the place in which a man may either make a name for himself or go down fighting for renown.

Keesh is one of those who succeeded. Motive Questions: Why did the mystery sorrounding Keesh grow as the days passed? The Story of Keesh by Jack London Keesh lived long ago on the rim of the polar sea, was head man of his village through many and prosperous years, and died full of honors with his name on the lips of men. And the winter darkness, when the north gales make their long sweep across the ice-pack, and the air is filled with flying white, and no man may venture forth, is the chosen time for the telling of how Keesh, from the poorest igloo in the village, rose to power and place over them all.

He was a bright boy, so the tale runs, healthy and strong, and he had seen thirteen suns, in their way of reckoning time.

The father of Keesh had been a very brave man, but he had met his death in a time of famine, when he sought to save the lives of his people by taking the life of a great polar bear. In his eagerness he came to close grapples with root word antonympart of speech antonym lakslustre definition root word part of speech precocious definition root word antonympart of speech carcass definition witchcraft definition root word part of speech lacksluster definition precocious root word definition root word antonympart of speech definition carcass definition root word antonympart of speech witchcraft definition root word antonym part of speech Keesh was his only son, and after that Keesh lived alone with his mother.

But the people are prone to forget, and they forgot the deed of his father; and he being but a boy, and his mother only a woman, they, too, were swiftly forgotten, and ere long came to live in the meanest of all the IGLOOS. It was at a council, one night, in the big IGLOO of Klosh-Kwan, the chief, that Keesh showed the blood that ran in his veins and the manhood that stiffened his back.

With the dignity of an elder, he rose to his feet, and waited for silence amid the babble of voices. The like had never been known before. A child, that talked like a grown man, and said harsh things to their very faces! But steadily and with seriousness, Keesh went on. It is said that Bok brought home more meat than any of the two best hunters, that with his own hands he attended to the division of it, that with his own eyes he saw to it that the least old woman and the last old man received fair share.

And thou, too, Massuk, a mother also, and for them dost thou speak. My mother has no one, save me; wherefore I speak. As I say, though Bok be dead because he hunted over- keenly, it is just that I, who am his son, and that Ikeega, who is my mother and was his wife, should have meat in plenty so long as there be meat in plenty in the tribe.

I, Keesh, the son of Bok, have spoken. They ordered him to bed, threatened that he should have no meat at all, and promised him sore beatings for his presumption.

In the midst of the abuse he sprang to his feet. Bok, my father, was I, too, his son, shall go and hunt the meat that I eat. And be it known, now, that the division of that which I kill shall be fair. And no widow nor weak one shall cry in the night because there is no meat, when the strong men are groaning in great pain for that they have eaten overmuch.

And in the days to come there shall be shame upon the strong men who have eaten overmuch. I, Keesh, have said it! The next day he went forth along the shore-line where the ice and the land met together. And there was laughter, and much talk, at the event.

It was an unprecedented occurrence. Never did boys of his tender age go forth to hunt, much less to hunt alone. Also were there shaking of heads and prophetic mutterings, and the women looked pityingly at Ikeega, and her face was grave and sad.

Ikeega tore her hair and put soot of the seal-oil on her face in token of her grief; and the women assailed the men with bitter words in that they had mistreated the boy and sent him to his death; and the men made no answer, preparing to go in search of the body when the storm abated. Early next morning, however, Keesh strode into the village. But he came not shamefacedly. Across his shoulders he bore a burden of fresh-killed meat. And there was importance in his step and arrogance in his speech.

There is much meat on the ice — a she-bear and two half- grown cubs. And after that I shall sleep, for I am weary. There was much doubt at first, much doubt and discussion.

The killing of a polar bear is very dangerous, but thrice dangerous is it, and three times thrice, to kill a mother bear with her cubs. Ask them about what worries them at the moment and what they can do about it. Let them accomplish the chart found in the LM. Emphasize the value of positive thinking. Stress Tabs Tell the students that stress is a personal challenge. It drags them from their studies and slows them down in accomplishing a lot of things.

Use the chart found in the LM to identify what causes their stress and their effects to them. Emphasize the value of stress management. Peer Pressure Tell the students that peer pressure is another personal challenge to overcome. Ask them about how they would respond to a friend who forces them to do things described in the LM.

Emphasize the value of positive thinking Task React to the Max, Explain to the students that their instant reactions tell something about them.

Ask them how they would react in each of the situations described in the LM. Instruct them to copy the chart on their notebooks and place their answers in the balloon. Matter of Judgement Relate to the students that weighing Small Group between two or more decisions could be a challenge. Ask them: Ask each group to do any of the following: Considering the answers to those questions. In writing their mission statements. The Filipino Spirit is Water Proof! May I? My Purpose Ask the students to create their Personal Mission Statement for them to discover their purpose.

Accept varied responses. This enabling activity forms a scaffold to the succeeding activities to Emphasize to the learners that they have been informed about their final task for this quarter a short but persuasive text. Allow the students to craft their own rubrics as part of assessment of learning.

Ask them if there are needed clarifications. Emphasize the value of empathy. Bull and Bully Ask the students about what they would do to stop or at least to minimize the case of bullying if they would be a… Group 1: A Senator for a Day? Group 2: A School Janitor for a Day?

Group 3: A Teacher for a Day? Group 4: A Parent for a Day? Group 5: A Newscaster for a Day? Present Republic Act No. Since this is the final task of Lesson 1. Provide a short summative test that sums up the content standard and must be recorded and graded as part of assessment of learning Final Task Pedagogy: Final task is the part of the module that addresses the performance standard.

Teachers should bear in mind that this phase: It is important that answers are authentic Using the lines as stimulus. Recognizing that these must draw out of this challenges are inevitable would help one become better prepared for life. Instructional aids photos, rubrics 2.

Inspiration to Life. Motivational Video of a Young Boy: An Inspiration to Millions http: Module 1 Lesson 2 Sub-theme: Invite the students to read the introduction Module 1 Lesson Whole class 2 for them to get an overview of where they are headed to and to be aware of the desired result; that is, for them to demonstrate understanding of how to deal with personal challenges.

Allow the students to go over the Individual work following objectives for them to focus more on the target concepts, language communication and literary skills: This part of the lesson also informs the learners of the enabling activity. Remind them that the expected output in this lesson is a quality Brochure on Building Defenses Against Discrimination and the criteria for assessment will organization, graphics, ideas and conventions.

Ask the students if they are ready to proceed to the next phase of the lesson as part of assessment of learning. Your Initial Tasks Pedagogy:. What am I? Ask the students to read each Whole class statement closely, and identify In presenting this part of what is suggested by each the module, the teacher statement: What am activate prior I?

Use this activity to build schema Task 2. Discrimination Check Ask the students if they have already experienced discrimination at home. I am what you wear when things get blur. Ask them to pair up. Mirror Allow the students to share strategies on how they have combated discrimination. Have them prepare a list of all of their responses using the table refer Pair to LM.

Allow them to: Scores must be recorded to help the teacher plan the succeeding lessons and not to grade the students since teachers have no inputs in this phase. I am a game you play in a court and all you is to shoot. Use this activity to elicit prior knowledge Task 3. I once protected China from invaders. What type of discrimination has been underscored in the song?

What is the song all about? After listening.. Pick out your favorite lines from the song and explain why. Then ask them to sing the song aloud. Write your answers in the balloon. Let them share their answers with a partner. Allow them to list logical and temporary answers to the enduring question. Highlight the author: Anne Terry White Allow the students to read the the teachers must be able succeeding text carefully.

Ask them to keep this question in mind as they work on the phases of this lesson. Use the table in found in the LM for this purpose. Guide for Reading Whole class In this part of the module. Scores must be recorded for instructional decision not to grade the students since teachers have to give inputs in this phase.

They employed various mnemonic techniques to aid in their own memory and to help their listeners keep track of the story. In the days before nearuniversal literacy. This process is important in validating. After reading. The teacher must also emphasize the following: It is the manner in which Whole class information is passed from one generation to the next in the absence of writing or a recording medium.

As they read the Myth. Refer the students back to the tentative answers they have written on their notebooks for them to validate whether their tentative answers are correct or not. Then ask the following questions for processing: Where you correct? If not. This oral tradition was a way to keep the history or culture of the people alive. Before reading. Allow them to write the questions and answers on the breakers questions inside the boxes to enrich their understanding of the text.

Before reading the text. Medusa is beheaded by Perseus. Explain how the oracle given to King Acrisius is fulfilled. List three perilous encounters Perseus experiences during his adventure. What adventure does Polydectes suggest that Perseus undertake? Then ask them to write the word in the box.

Create a Venn Diagram that compares the characteristics of Perseus and Medusa. What help does he get on Small Group his quest? Visualizing the Text Group the students into five 5. What heroic characteristics does persues have? Do you find diagramming difficult? Why or why not? How did you feel about the activity?

What diagram is assigned to you? Create a diagram that shows the relationship of all the characters in the myth. Create a timeline of events in the story. What help would these textual aids provide? Give the students time to respond to the questions and interact with their classmates. Are there notable similarities or differences among the diagrams? Let them note something about the outputs of the other groups.

Let them identify the senses to which these statements appeal. Then ask the students to identify what these defenses are using the coat of arm diagram found in the LM.

My Coat of Arms Remind them that to be able to kill the gorgon. How would these diagrams help you in understanding the text as a whole? Processing the activities using Individual Work the questions below. Before doing the next task. What specific characteristics does each of the diagrams have you noticed? Perseus built an intelligent line of defenses.

That old man was King Acrisius. Circle all the pronouns in the paragraph. Paraphrase at least five 5 sentences by transforming the circled pronouns into reflexive or intensive pronouns King Acrisius was away from home.

Danae yearned to go home again and be reconciled to her father. That was the last Perseus ever used the horrible head. Task 14B. Ask them to: Task 14A. What kind of discrimination is shown in the cartoon?

Processing the activity using the following questions: Write R on the blank before each item if the pronoun is Reflexive or I if Intensive. Using the previous examples of Reflexive and Intensive pronouns. What would you do if you have the power to change this scenario Task 14C.

Your main target in this phase is to provide them the understanding of content as applied to a variety of context. Ask them to share responses. Saving people and saving lives could be in any form possible. What would you do if you are in the show of the one discriminated? Provide inputs on Discrimination: What is the cartoon all about? Process the activity Task Accomplish the chart found in the LM. As a group. Black Cap — is the pessimist cap and sees nothing but the disadvantages of the situation.

Different and Singled Individual work Out Ask the students to work in groups. Examine the situation and complete the colored caps chart that follow. Yellow Cap — is the creative cap and sees the creative and out-ofthis-world side of the situation.

Refer the students back to the tentative answers they have written on their notebooks to validate whether their tentative answers are correct or not. All the activities in this phase are formative in nature and must be recorded but not graded as bases for instructional decision whether to proceed to the next activity depending on the needs of your learners.

Red Cap — is the emotional cap and expresses nothing but feelings about an issue Blue Cap — is the rational cap and judges situations based on facts and obvious evidences. At the end of this phase. White Cap — is the optimistic cap that sees all the positive and bright sides of the situation. Each cap below represents a strength one need to use in deciding how to go about the situation described in the LM. Caps Locked There are situations that would Small Group challenge the students to make use of their specific strength.

Your Brochure Remind them that they have Individual work been informed at the beginning Final task is the part of the of the lesson that they are to module that addresses the create a quality brochure that performance standard.

To process the activity. Each defence is achieving success. Provide a short summative test that sums up the content standard and must be recorded and graded as part of assessment of learning. Now is the time to answer the question: How do I build the best defences against challenges to acquire the best quality of life possible for me? When you build defenses. Individual work Through these defenses. Technology Aids computer. Instructional aids photos.

Lesson 3 Sub-theme: Allow the students to go over the following objectives for them to focus more on the target concepts. Invite the students to read the Whole class introduction Module 1 Lesson 3 for them to get an overview of where they are headed to and to be aware of the desired result.

Ask the students if they are ready to proceed to the next phase of the lesson as part of assessment of learning Interchange the names of Joaquin and Cristina and ask students for reactions. Do you think we could interchange the qualities of Joaquin and Cristina? What would interchanging their qualities imply?

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Gender Advocacy and Development is integrated in this activity. Invite the students to work on the pre-requisites to check their background knowledge. Use this activity to motivate. Boy-Girl Power Make them visualize the strengths of a boy and a girl and how can they make use of these strengths to solve the problem which is to successfully come out of the box. What qualities of Joaquin have you identified?

How about Cristina? Ask the following processing questions: In what way could these qualities help them escape from the box? Could you think of other organizers that would best fit the purpose? Ask the following questions: Individual work 1. Ask them to etch everything that they know about the topic on the stone tablet. Small group discussion Ask them to determine implicit and explicit signals from the lyrics that are used by the singer to highlight significant points.

What are you made of? Ask the students to revisit the objectives. How do these signals help add value to the lyrics and over all meaning of the song? Let it Go! The objectives will tell the students what topics are to be expected for discussion. What explicit and implicit signals used by the singer to highlight significant points have you indentified?

Considering the goals of the module. Small group discussion Before listening to the song. Reading aloud Throw a ball to a student who is going to read the story. How do you differentiate understandings of definition A from B? Use this activity to build schema and diagnose prior knowledge Ask the students if they are ready to proceed to the next phase of the lesson as part of assessment of learning. On your signal.

From Page to Page content standard Discuss with the students what content to myth is. Provide additional inputs content. Mystery Words Present the task using a chart to help the students: The student holds the ball while reading. Your Text In this part of the module. What can you notice with develop. Alice Low. Explain why the gods put a condition on permitting Orpheus and his bride to return to earth.

What is the greatest strength of Orpheus? How about his weakness? Ask them to pause every two minutes to organize the sequence of the story in their minds. Repeat the process until everyone is done reading. You may use the breakers questions inside the box for these purpose. In what situations were the gods willing to help humans?

Silent Reading Ask the student to read the story silently. Why does Orpheus look back to see if Eurydice is following him? To whom does Orpheus owe his talent? Why was he able to win the sympathy of the gods? Cite two examples in the text. Scores must be recorded for instructional decision not to grade the students since teachers have to inputs in this phase.

What reasons might the gods have for allowing Orpheus and Eurydice to be reunited? What main characteristic of this text makes it a myth? Why does Orpheus decide to rescue his wife from the underworld?

Element-Array Ask the students to form five 5 groups. Alice Low Provide inputs or recall previous discussions on tone. Each group will draw their own bulb puzzle and answer the field required by each piece of the puzzle. Does the story reveal certain realities about Greeks? What are these? How do the elements help you understand the flow of the story? Do these realities influence the way you think and live?

How is a puzzle related with understanding elements to make up a whole? It is also important that you give the other groups to comment on the output presented by the other groups to make the discussion interactive. Give them about five or ten minutes to do the task. After all the group representatives are done with the presentation.

Present to them the chart found in task 6 of this lesson and ask them to fill out the bubbles with the corresponding answers. In his introductory note Yann Martel says. Pondicherry is described as an anomaly. While watching. To begin with this phase. After your short discussion.

In terms of storytelling. The teacher may add inputs if necessary. Ask them to answer the following questions: In subsequent chapters. Yann Martel recalls that many Pondicherry residents provided him with stories. Adirubasamy said it would make him believe in God. Piscine Molitor Patel. Discuss some of the other ways in which these two fields find unlikely compatibility. Early in the novel. Pi would not have lived to tell us his story.

We assume that if the hyena had been the only surviving animal. Besides the loss of his family and possessions. Regarding religion. What is Pi seeking that can solely be attained by this apparent contradiction?

What color would Christianity be. Pi sparks a lively debate when all three of his spiritual advisors try to claim him. How do the human beings in your world reflect the animal behavior observed by Pi? Did this in any way prepare Pi for the most dangerous experience of his life? What did he gain? Nearly everyone experiences a turning point that represents the transition from youth to adulthood. Before asking the students to accomplish Task 8. Discuss the scene in which his tries to to teach his children a lesson in survival by arranging for them to watch a tiger devour a goat.

Why did Pi at first try so hard to save Richard Parker? After the discussion. Pi imagines that his brother would have teasingly called him Noah. How does Mr. What event marks your coming of age? Describe the public speaking techniques used by your partner in each of the quotations above. After doing the task. The situation is about surviving a shipwreck by being accurate in all the movements and actions.

How do these techniques help you in persuading your partner? The teacher might provide inputs on modals that express probability before doing the activity. As they do the activity. Ask them to use modals expressing probability in their answers. Ask them to put themselves in the shoes of Mr. Pi Patel. The best magic ever is the recognition of your strengths Pi and Queen Elsa. The best way to address them is to have the willingness to change.

Ask them what would be their response? Have them highlight in their letters they were able to capitalize their strengths and weaknesses to be a better person that they have become 20 years ahead of time. A Gift of Change Ask the students to remember the gifts of Orpheus.

Which of these strategies would you adopt and why? Modal Modes Have the students imagine Orpheus. A Letter Later Ask the students to write a letter to themselves that they have to open 20 years from now. Ask them If they possess all the gifts the three characters have. Encourage them to use statements expressing opinions or strong assertions in their letter.

Best Magic Ever Allow the students to read the stimulus: Is one gender depicted in a superior role? After the presentation. But since this is the final task of Lesson 3. Do only women cook food? Final Task Pedagogy: This enabling activity forms a scaffold to the succeeding activities to equip the learners with skills in performing the culminating activity or the performance standard for the first quarter. Then analyze the commercials using the following questions: Tell them that the succeeding tasks will walk them through the process of making the Info Ad Campaign.

Remind them also that in this particular module. Do only girls use kitchen appliances? Do only boys play with action toys? Be sure to include responses to the following questions: How would this information help you in crafting your own information ad campaign? Example questions could be: Is one medicine better than another? Does some toothpaste make your teeth whiter? Ask the students to present some of their works to the class.

What do these claims tell about advertising? Which ad is the most sexist? Least sexist? How would this help you in crafting your own information ad campaign? Past Forward Ask the students to make a research about a person or group of people whose advocacies are to make people self-reliant strengths and weaknesses.

Provide feedback. If you can transform your weaknesses into strengths and opportunities. Allow the students to present their outputs in the class. Present the rubrics.

How was this success measured? Are they still pursuing these ideals? Ask them to make their own Information Ad TV. My Treasure This part of the module sums up all the essential understandings one must draw out of this lesson.

Recognizing yourweaknesses will give more meaning to your strengths. Thanks for the Ad! Allow the students to draw inspiration from Task Ask the students to read the lines below: Published December 13 Module 1 Lesson 4 Sub-theme: For the learners to focus on the target concepts.

They will find the need to deal with personal challenges. Emphasize to them that they will have a lot of opportunities to improve in the target concepts. Motivate them to answer the BIG Question: How do I deal with personal challenges? Accept tentative answers. The rating of the photo essay will be based on the following criteria:Questions of Policy ask the writer to explain what they would do. What Do You Perceive Task 2: These collectively constitute the sociolinguistic features of language.

What was his weakness? This offers a full-blown exploration of the interrelated key concepts described in six sub-themes that learners need to understand to pave way for the development of their English language communication skills. When he reached the river Styx. Read carefully each item and follow directions as indicated.

The link for G10 English Module Q2 isn't working. Sample questions could be:

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